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Elder Scrolls Online

Want to enjoy meeting and playing with your fellow furries/scalies across all of Tamriel? We here at Furry Valley would be honored to help you every step of the way to ensure that your enjoy your time with us and succeed in the game; be it for PvP, PvE or even RP.

Our ingame guild is led by @Devaru, @Kurin and @Laukannen. Please message any of us directly for an invite, or catch us in Discord:


Either playing solo or with a group, our Discord is always active and open for you to meet new furs with a passion for MMOs and other games. We do everything in ESO from Battlegrounds (4v4v4) to even waging warfare on the lands of Cyrodil itself and becoming the Emperor. In addition to standard gameplay, we also host a variety of events from world boss hunting, to group dungeons and even giveaways on a weekly basis with various fun and useful prizes to be won.

So sharpen your blades or claws, ready your gear and tidy up that fur for our time together in Tamriel!