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Hey there! Do you enjoy Fortnite? Would you be willing to play it with our community of furries? Are you waiting for Epic to finally release a fursuit skin other than a bear? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Furry Valley's the place for you! We're a close community of furs who welcome new and experienced players to join us!

Stop by our Discord server some time, where we have text channels to discuss the game with other players, dedicated voice channels for gametime, and a whole bunch of experienced players, on both consoles and PC! Some of our more experienced veterans have been writing beginner guides for the rookies, detailing easy routes to ensure that dropping from the battle bus isn't a quick trip to death every game.


We hold a variety of events, including:

Not to mention spontaneous games; spending time together just going out and having a great time. So get your pickaxe of choice ready, equip a cool looking back bling, and join Furry Valley as we drop onto the island and build our way to victory today!