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League of Legends

Are you a fearless Fiddlesticks, an awesome Ashe, or a silly Soraka AD mid? Come check out Furry Valley today for more furs to play with!


We have a very strong presence on both the NA and EUW servers, with a few members dotted on other servers, so no one is left out. People play together every day, mostly for normal games and ARAMs, but we have many ranked players (from bronze 5 right up to master), so if you're searching for your duo soulmate bae in bot lane, or a sexy jungler who'll actually gank for you instead of feeding your lane opponent in ranked, we can be your savior.

Our emphasis is always on fun and enjoyment; high skill certainly isn't a requirement. The best times in League are the funniest, like when one of our bronze 5 players forgot what side of the map we were on after invading at level 1, and got executed in the enemies' base, hahaha... That said, we do have plenty of serious players, so there's something for everyone.

We have ingame clubs on both NA and EUW, and offer friendly coaching and advice as requested (we have high-ranked players in all roles).

See you on the Rift!