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If you're a fan of cubes and stacking those cubes on top of other cubes...
If you're a fan of survival, exploration, of expanded functionality...
If you're a furry and enjoy the company of other furries (or not, build a wall)...

Come join your fellow FuzzButts, FeatherFluffs, and ScaleHides in building impressive structures, fight Withers & End Dragons, and train RPG skills!
Do it all while earning $Pats, our server currency to use in-game for loads of various features, or put it towards items at our community-built Server Shop!

Platform: Java – PC
MC Version: 1.13.2
Server Address: mc.furryvalley.com

Spigot/Craftbukkit server with quality of life & feature-rich plugins.

So much more and the list continues to grow!

Over 250 unique logins at the time of this post's update.
We're looking to expand into more servers such as FORGE & BEDROCK!