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Old School RuneScape

Hey! This is the Old School RuneScape part of the Furry Valley site! I am so glad you decided to click and check us out. Now, let me tell you about what we get to do around here:

And much, much more!

But what better way than to do all this than with fellow fur friends? If you want to come hang out with us Old School RuneScape furs, then come hang out in FursAffinity friends chat, and in our Discord, found at https://discord.gg/furryvalley !

However, all chats must have some rules, otherwise anarchy can occur. And who wants anarchy? This isn't Borderlands 2 (bonus points for getting the reference).

Rules are as follows:

The more the merrier when it comes to OSRS. Hang out with your new fluffy friends today. :3