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Tabletop Games

Are you interested in playing D&D or other tabletop RPGs with a friendly group of furries? If so, we've got you covered at Furry Valley. We're a tight-knit community, ready to welcome new and seasoned players alike. Whether you prefer text or voice-based tables, you're bound to find the kind of adventure you're looking for.

We know that tabletop RPGs are impossible to enjoy without a good community around them. If this applies to every form of entertainment, then it's especially true about our hobby. There's nothing worse than playing with complete strangers and having them bail after the first or second session. So join us over at our Discord server, introduce yourself, talk about your favourite games with us, and you'll find yourself enjoying new and exciting tales very soon!


Prospective players, DMs, or curious furries who just want to discuss tabletop games are all welcome to join. Our members are interested in: