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Furry Valley (https://discord.gg/furryvalley) is a super friendly, family-feel furry social community. We are proud to call this our home, and several of our members have spent literally half their lives - more than ten years, here.

We are built upon a foundation of kindness and respect to all community members. Everyone here is equal, loved and valued, with excellently trained admins and community managers who proactively go out of their way to make you feel at home from your very first day.

We operate, and always have operated, an open door policy. Bring your friends, so long as they are kind and respectful, and we will make sure there are enough cookies for them all. :3

Please check out the buttons on the left to see specific information about our various gaming sections.

On top of the gaming sections, we also run very regular community events: Movie Night, Karaoke, Anime Night, Quizzes, Custom-coded Discord Games, Cards Against Humanity and so on. We also regularly meet up at furry conventions and local furmeets.

Whether you're a new furry, or you've been a furry for 20+ years like some of our members, you'll find happiness and warmth to fill your heart here. Please, wipe your paws and come in. We've got a lot of hugs and smiles waiting to share with you.

- Simba (leader of Furry Valley)